Sunday, February 21, 2010

He chooses the Imperfect....

This morning I was cleaning my room and I fould a flaw in one of my pieces of furniture. I usually get quite upset when I notice things like that but I made the realization everything has some type of flaw, even me. God chose the imperfect me to be his vessel and to be used by him. I expect nothing from him if I cannot give everything. The awesome thing about realizing that he uses the imperfect is that I no longer have to fear that I must be perfect in his eyes. I screw up daily and sometimes its with things that I dont even realize...

We all must come to realization that he chooses to use us not because he has no one else. He loves us, the ones who lack everything without him. He provides for and we take advantage of it daily. We complain that we deserve this or this wasn't cooked right or I'm hungry or I really "need" this/that. Ha. Silly us! We have a house to sleep, a family that loves us, a chance to have a job or go to school (yes, both are a blessing from the Most High), clothing, plenty to eat, etc. <--- THESE ARE BLESSINGS! He provides for his people, all of them, lost or not. (my opinion) Those who believe in him get so much more! We get to truly walk out in the gifts he has given us and he chooses us to be used! I just cannot comprehend why he would choose me but he does and has regardless. Now I must walk in the power he has given me and follow the paths he has for me! Praise God!

He is giving me incite to things that seem so simple to understand...but do you really understand how worthy you are in his eyes? All he asks of us is to lay down our lives....sounds big doesn't it but it truly is insignificant when you think of the great gifts and true life you have after giving yourself to him. After you give your life to Christ, the biggest problem is giving him all. I know for a fact. Lately I have been struggling with giving some very big wounds to him, which Satan made me believe was part of me and made me who I am...LIE #1! Another thing was that Satan planted a fear in me that said I didn't want to let go....LIE #2! And then of course he continually lies to our human selves and many of us/all of us without realizing it fall into the traps...but we must do three things in order to be aware: 1. learn to discern between Satan and God's voice 2. dig into your Word (one of my daily struggles) 3. Pray that God will expose the lies that have already been told to you.

Wow! This morning I could write forever about how awesome our God is because he chose us! =D That brings me great joy to know that my God has amazing plans for me when I myself put my plans in a box...making no room for the miraculous. Now the box is gone and I am resting at his feet, waiting for fresh and new revelation!

Hope this helps someone! =) love you all! God Bless! SEEK HIM! He WILL USE YOU! Just be willing to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING!