Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Victim Broken in Sin

False emotions
Lustful thoughts
Violent action of the mind.
Like a caged an animal trapped in a reality all her own.
Not knowing when her next fix will come
And who her next victim will be.
Without a thought she strikes again
Thinking the healing will begin.
She knows not that it's all a numbing agent,
Only making the darkness ensnare her evermore.
She holds her head high seeming confident and strong
But is a broken creature underneath composed of guilt, shame, pain, and hurt.
Only she knows the heaviness of her soul,
A product of being played with like a ragdoll or used like someone's favorite drug.

She can taste freedom amid the numbing but lacks the voice to want it.
Trapped in silence and chaos, this girl just wants to be heard
All the years of misuse of mind, heart, and body will be heard.
Be heard so she may leap off of this cliff of freedom she so desperately needs.
Is anyone there to help besides good ole' Jack and the random stranger?
"Yes!," says a voice in her ear like the whisper of the wind.
It is the Father of the universe and her life.
Will she ask who or just understand in her soul it is her true lover.
That only he can spread light into the darkness of her soul and heal this broken girl.
He continues to call and as she hears, the enemy grows ever near,
Telling her she deserves it all and that life means nothing at all.
She holds on to the gleaming hope that she may overcome.
The fear.
The pain.
The darkness.