Monday, August 23, 2010

To Step Out in FAITH

Last night at Sunday PM, Bill Spencer was speaking on Luke 7. He was speaking about verses 12-17 where the young boy is raised from the dead. Bill Spencer is one of those teachers who wants to know the responses and thoughts of his audience. We all clapped and a couple of little shouts happened when he asked how amazing we felt that was. He was extremely unimpressed with how unable we were to understand the magnificence of this act. A guy in the front row screamed loudly and pointed out how astounded we should be.

I began thinking about this scenario and how unimpressed we are as a church at the miracles of Jesus. The majority of the church looks at them like a story, like something that has just happened, not the magnificent, wondrous things that they are. We should be in awe at the life of Jesus. Just think about what we have been called to. We are told in the Word that we will do greater things than Christ himself. He has called us to greater. He has called us to stand strong with boldness and courage. Think of the magnitude God has called us to. We are to have the power of the Holy Spirit and walk as Jesus walked. Live in the Presence of the Living God and find joy in Him. How amazed would you be if you prayed for someone to come back to life and they did! I would freak out because all it took was for me to step out in faith and trust that God does all things! My mind is blown away at the power of God. If he can create an entire universe then he can heal the sick, make the lame to walk, raise from the dead, and set free the captives.

Here is a little piece of my life to you. I have had many issues trusting God's plan for me and struggled with unbelief. The other night I got together with my friend, Lez, and we began to talk about my life and what's been going on. He told me there will always be a battle between faith and unbelief, so I must take a step of faith and trust the Lord (that means giving my whole life to him, no exceptions, which he has called all of us to). If I trust the Lord and the plans he has for my life then surely I will be able to walk in the power I described early and the power described in the Word of God. If I live my life actively abandoning myself to the Lord, allowing him to be my Father, my Guide, my Strength, then I will be able to walk in his power and be used for the works of His Kingdom.

Last night Bill Spencer made an altar call for any of us who wanted to fully and finally commit ourselves fully to the Lord. At that moment, I was completely enamoured by the Lord and his beautiful presence. My heart began to pound in my chest and I knew he was telling me to walk up there, so I did. I began to pray to the Lord and cry out. All of a sudden the warmth of the Holy Spirit filled me and I couldn't even move. I was lost in his presence. I was at a loss for words, so I just stood in his presence, waiting for him to speak to me. Oh goodness, did he ever speak to me! I have struggled with giving my whole self to him. Allowing him to take my heart and protect it because I am scared of the consequences. Well in that precious moment with him last night, I let him take it all. I allowed my Papa to take everything I have and renew me. He filled me like never before and now I have such a peace over my life and its beautiful. I know he is here and will always be. Of course, I am not perfect and am still a broken person, but I believe with everything in me that if I sit in his presence every single day that I will find freedom, restoration and wholeness in my life. I must seek him and his love in order to find myself. I cannot expect to go to church and to bible study once or twice a week and be able to find who I am in Christ and have a deep glorious relationship with him. I must be willing to sacrifice my life to seek Him in all OF HIS GLORY!

I hope this was encouraging for someone. I hope and pray that you will find the courage to step out in faith and to find yourself in our God. I love you all dearly.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are you Consumed? Are you pouring out?

Something I wrote last night at Bible Study:

Being in desparate abandon is something that creates such deep intimacy and love with the Lord that it pours out and touches everything we see, do, create, speak, and live. Our hearts are to be filled with the wonder and amazement of His love. We are to want nothing of ourselves.

We cannot be satisfied with the usual, normal way of life. Being consumed, filled, and ready to be a holy vessel of the Lord is the only way of life. Even in the midst of our brokenness, times of self-doubt, fear, disappointment, hurt, and life issues, holes (once filled with/by the world), God has a place and he will heal it all. Remember, he has the victory. He wants to lead us into a time where our radical abandon is NORMAL. That his glory is revealed and fills the earth.

We must take ourselves, our minds, our of a place of self but to a place of Him. That everything we do, say, speak, etc. is filled with Him. We are not perfect because we are human and broken by the plots of Satan. Yet he chose us to be His Children, his sons and daughters, to love and be called to change the world. We must be completely lost in Him, not knowing what the next step is until he opens our eyes, heart, mind, and spirit to the place he has for us.

Now that I have finished that and it might not all make sense but my mind rushes things. Anyways, I just want you all to think about where you are in your relationship with God. Are you in a place where you are completely consumed by his presence, you want to worship with him continually? Or are you in place where you are struggling to be close to him?

Here is a quote from a book I am reading: "As wildly as he offers himself to us, so should we offer ourselves to him, no longer living in the risk-free distance of all of our assumptions, but close and personal, so we can see just how good and gerenous this King truly is." -Jarrett Stevens

We are to be consumed by His holy presence every single moment of our lives. Of course, we all fall short, but that is where we must remember that God has the victory! =) We are forgiven and grace has saved us. After we believe this and begin to become completely enamoured by our Papa, then the love, healing, restoration, joy, peace, freedom and life-giving things will pour out from us with every breath we take.

Right now, in this day, there are many of us who are ready to step up and change our cities, our nation, and the world by the transforming power of Christ. In order for God to move, we have to know him so intimately that people's lives are changed by everyday interactions with us. That seeds are continually planted and freedom reigns over all the earth. This is what we want. We want and need for the power of our God to pour out over everyone and everything. The Holy Spirit is in us. That means wherever we go and whatever we do, we are carrying the Spirit with us, Christ, the Holy One. Doesn't that excite you?!?!?!?!? I really think so.

Anyways, I am done with all my thoughts. Think about what I am saying and see if that applies to your life. I love you all and hope that some of this makes sense.