Friday, March 1, 2013

Grief in the NIght.

A heart subdued by the peace of the Lord 
Without reason it seems to occur
The wretched pain and overwhelming hurt gone.
A Son seated next to the Father has called to Him,
Asking on her behalf for this unmeasurable peace.
The Son calls to this daughter once writhing in pain
To remind her of the promises of their Father.
“He is always faithful. He does not cease to stir 
With affection for His children.” 

The young woman’s eyes fill 
With unending tears of gratitude.
She is reminded of the pain that overtook her;
The panic begins to form.
“How can it leave at such an early hour?
Does this mean such grief is pointless?”

The Son replies,
“Lay down this burden.
Grieve in this night but allow our Father’s joy
To come at morning’s light.”
She lies prostrate on the floor;
The grief overwhelms her entire being.
With tear-stained cheeks
She awakes in the morning.
The peace returned,
The joy permeating her soul.

The healing has begun
For this young woman.
A woman who has stepped outside;
Outside of the world’s knowledge of grief.

“It is finished,” was the cry of the Son.
These words in simplicity and power
Overcame all worldly sin, pain, and sorrow.
This woman covered in abundant grace
Does not allow those earthly scavengers anymore.