Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boundless Love

Insecurity is bred from the lie that "I'm alone."
It rears its ugly head when you feel lost to the stories of close friends.
Jealousy its twin is in on the lie.
Who can you trust?
You think no one, but there is hope.
Hope for freedom from the daughters of the Father of Lies.
Freedom from his lie of loneliness.
The Father of Heaven calls to you saying,
"I'm always here and always have been."
You fall to your knees, leaving the
Dark family behind you.
You find rest in the sweet embrace of Your King.
He says, "Let me pour out my love into those empty places
that you may know I am yours and you are mine."
She cries, "Yes, Father!" with tears of joy streaming down her face.

So often we forget that insecurities drive the very way we live. We go from being completely insecure