Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My God, My Father

O my God, my Father,
Draw near to me as I am weary.
Release Your hope and deepen my faith
Strengthen my mind and grow my endurance.

O God, the Sovereign Lord,
Place Your mighty hand upon me.
Teach me, correct me.
Let my life be full of perseverance.
Though I may wander and stray from You,
Let me O God be a woman of diligence.

Jesus, my Savior
Deliver me and save me from my foolish ways.
Take me into Your courts and renew me.
Cleanse me now that I may see clearly.

Holy Spirit, my Comforter
Invade me and overflow my soul with peace.
I cry out to encounter You deeply and fully.
The gifts of Your nature I do desire,
so pour them out like heavenly rains.

Abba Abba,
Come before me and hold me tightly.
You are my Rescuer, my very present Help.
Take my hand and guide my paths.
May I follow them always without hesitation.
Give me great faith, O God, and increase my trust in You.

You alone are worthy of all praise.
You go before me and do not lead me astray.
You make my paths straight.
You give me strength when I am weak and weary.
Holy are You God of Israel.
Holy is Your name amongst the nations.
Let me be a woman after Your heart.
Let me be a woman of Your Kingdom.