Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do We Condemn or Love?

Today is a new day filled with amazing opportunities to love our Daddy and love on people.

Yesterday held the same opportunities as today and some tried to "take advantage". The only problem was they used it as an opportunity to spread hate and not love. A "minister," I use that term lightly, decided to come to MTSU to speak. He was outside the KUC speaking, telling people they are not saved unless they stop sinning. It is impossible for a human to ever STOP sinning. We sin daily but we must lay them down at the foot of the cross. This man spoke horribly about homosexuals, unbelievers, and anything else he found was wrong in the world. He did not love the people he was speaking to but felt the right to condemn them to an eternity of pain and suffering in hell.

He spoke for about 45 minutes but im not sure since I didnt actually attend the speaking. A girl there wanted to ask him a question. He responded to her before she could ask," Are you saved?" Her response was,"No I am not a believer." He then told her he could/would not answer her question.

This man chose to try to "save" people by making them feel worthless and unloved by believers and by God. He missed the part of the Word that speaks about God's love and mercy. His forgiveness of sins and willingness to love the lost, the brokenhearted, and the unloved. How awesome is our God? This man portrayed the epitome of what a Christian or believer should not be like. Our human nature causes us to judge. He was becoming the judge. None of us are judges and none of us are without sin. We all fall short of the glory of God daily but we must lie at the feet of the Almighty and be found blameless in His Sight.

Not only did all of this happen but a girl pushed him down the stairs accusing him of groping her. None of us know that to be true but she was arrested and he is in the hospital. Wow! Thats what your thinking right now...

There are several things we must know: 1) We are to Love God, Love others. That is our first and most simple calling in life. 2) We must not judge others or condemn them to hell but in loving kindness help them find God. 3) We should pray for all of the parties that partook in this situation. The minister that he may see that condemnation is not the way to save but love is the way. The young girl and all the others that heard his message. May they not feel worthless but pray that they will look past this event. Last but not should pray that God begins to move here and around the world.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fill us Up and Send Us Out!

Strength in the midst of weakness is so available through our God. We cannot feel uncertain in our weakness. He declares us His and we must not fall into the ways of the world in our weakness. For if we rely on our Dad we will find great power, great strength, and great peace. Oh how beautiful is the sight of those dancing and leaning on God. There is beauty in the midst of suffering and peace, joy and the TRUTH. Rely not on your own understanding. Do we get it? It is HE WHO DWELLS WITHIN US THAT WE MUST RELY ON! We are made of flesh yet our God dwells in us using the imperfect to do His great work.

Our lives are not our own. We cannot stand on this earth declaring the name of our God yet living as we will. We must fall on our faces give thanks and lay down our lives for Him. We must be obedient and find our true purpose and self in Him our God! Praise Him in all you do. Listen to Him and find the secrets He has hidden. Let God reveal himself through you. shine the light. Be known to all that He LIVES IN YOU!!! You are not your own anymore....but His. He's yours and you are His! Be amazed at what he is able to do in the midst of your suffering. :) love him, dance with him, be in his presence, lean in, find the secrets, and read the truth!!

These are a few thoughts I had tonight while we were in the awesome service at Sunday PM. God showed up in amazing ways and really opened up eyes and hearts that have been blinded for so long. I wonder sometimes whether or not we are supposed to fully comprehend him guess is No. He is an eternal mystery full of grace and mercy. I feel like I'm called somewhere but where I'm not exactly sure. I want to go somewhere and be used but now is not the season. He will use me when the time is right which is not of my knowing. I am so excited to just regard for order just being obedient to my God. Hm...that's so comforting to me. He has me in His arms daily and is taking me an adventure. I am going to reach the lost and show those who have turned away the Way. He has given me a joy and a peace that overflow to those around me. I am blessed with these gifts and so many more that have not been revealed to me yet.

Where are you being called? What's he doing in your life right now? What gifts has he placed in you? How much do you want to fall madly in love with him? Answer these questions.

Pray. Be at peace and worry not. Fall in love and lean on Him daily. Seek His Word for it is the Truth... and HE IS LOVE!!!

Love you guys. Sorry its been so long. =)