Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Glory of His Majesty

PREFACE: This is from October. I never got to post it, so here it is.

These days life just seems to be speeding by with no intention of slowing down. In the midst of all this fast paced life and utter chaos is the sweet still presence of my Papa. A couple of weeks ago a few friends and I went to Fall Creek Falls to go camping and while it was an adventure of sorts, the evidence that God is real and alive today was all around me. I could no contain myself as I stared intensely up at the beautiful falls as the sun gleamed on the magnificently turned leaves of the swaying trees. Every person on this earth should see the stars, the rising of the sun, the feeling of the invisible wind, and the mountainous landscape and be able to see the Creator of the Universe in all His Glory.

It seems that in the middle of this crazy country of politics, religious discord, and utter business that every single person would want to walk away from his/her life and want yearn to see the beauty of the wilderness and the solitude that it brings. Our God, Our Creator made this earth that we may dwell in it and gave us dominion. Yes, I am moving to another topic. How the God of the Universe gave man dominion over the universe, giving us a purpose on this earth.

We are CALLED with a PURPOSE to lead lives for GOD, our LOVER!!!! FOR GOD, NOT OURSELVES. So as we wake up in the morning, we must have the mindset that we are vessels of the Lord and that we are to bring change to a dying world. How wonderful and magnificent is it that we are chosen and called for such things. Every single believer who seeks the Lord with all of his/her heart, soul, mind, and spirit is given the purpose of bringing love to His creation. There is not one moment that has gone by over the past few months that I have looked back and not seen that our God is faithful. He wants us to know Him so badly, that seeks us out for His pleasure.

Think about the beauty of His creation, the gloriousness of His magnificence. I pray that the Lord will reveal Himself in a deep and new way. That this year is a year of new beginnings like the Lord has been showing me. Never feel like you have to strive, JUST REST IN HIM!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lover of My Soul

Lover of my soul
How deeply you move me
Into the depths of who you are.
You have stolen my heart, mind, and soul
Holding them captive in the midst of Your Presence.
My lover, my all
You have shown me the heart and truth of Your nature
That covers me ever so sweetly.
It heals all the heartache and steals all the pain
Giving me freedom to live a new day.
Heart beating wildly, holding me close
I know with my all You will never let me go.
My King and my Saviour
You move in a way
That continually brings me to my knees as I pray
Worshipping, praising, and laying it all
Down at your feet, to your throne I do call.
My new life has begun
So beautifully made.
I am your daughter, a beautiful pearl,
Refined by your hand, nurtured, and loved.
My name is no longer of this world
But is in the name of Your Kingdom.
Mighty as a sword,
I am ready to wield this power and strength
That I alone bear.
The joy in my heart
Breaks chains by Your hand.
The peace I possess
Makes the whole world behold
The beauty of your grace.
The freedom I carry
Sets the saints to praise.
The light in my life
Rips the darkness away.
This poem is something that I wrote quite awhile ago but it still rings true today and forever. My Papa is someone worthy of praise through every medium. He is magnificent and wonderful. I have been long wondering what it truly meant to fall in love with the Lord, give it all away, be his disciple, and carry the light of Jesus. It is all a process of becoming whole in the midst of brokeness, surrendering everything you think you are, everything you truly are, and the entirety of yourself at His feet, willing to do whatever it takes to carry out the name of Jesus in this world. How sweet the love of my Papa is and how gently he cares for me. He does not want any harm to come to me and all he wants is to pour out His goodness on my life and the whole universe.
I just want you to stop and think of who God is to you and who he has made you to be. What that looks like in daily life and what call he has placed in your life. He cares about you more than you can ever know. Just let your Papa love on you whether its been quite some time, a day, a month, an hour, or never. Enjoy Him because he delights in you!
I hope this was enjoyable and in some way, shape, or form relevant to your life.
May the Lord bless and keep you. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May he give you peace. =) love you all!