Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let Him....

Hosea 1-14
Romans 9

Why do we turn so often to unsatisfying idols that bring no answer to our hearts yearning? Why do we have whore ourselves out to the world's great treasures, all the while distracting us from our self destruction? Have we forgotten to trust the Lord and stand upon His great promises? So many times daily we fall short in the eyes of the Lord, yet there is grace. That phrase, "yet there is grace" seems to be our cop out of changing our ways and coming to true repentance. Yes, Jesus died that we may know grace though He did not come that we might both serve Him and money. Matthew 6 verse 24 says, "You cannot serve both God and money." We say that we have committed fully to a relationship while holding back the entirety of who we are from Him.

If we were to abandon ourselves, we would have to deal with hurts, pain, betrayal, sin, and give up our desires. How is that bad? We find it to be so often because being vulnerable is something of weakness. If we show "weakness" to God then surely man will disapprove. When will we learn that man's approval is fleeting and its hold on us is weak. The approval of our God, on the other hand, is great and strong. Oh how often in Scripture He shows us His great love, yet we run away.

We do not want to face fear and cast it our because it has become so common. Pride has become a friend and gluttony its companion. Oh how vile those things are that lead to destruction yet we cling to them as if they were the richest treasure. Will our blinded eyes ever see the TRUTH? Will we ever seek the REAL GOD? The only God?

I believe there is HOPE, the joyful anticipation for good. Let us lay down our desires and our 10-year plans and seek the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Let us abandon ourselves at His throne and deal with all of our junk. Let Him embrace us and heal us. Let Him woo us and correct us. Let God BE God. Let Him direct our paths and lead us to our destinies. Let Him break the chains of worldly things and lay a foundation of LOVE. Let Him renew us and show us His ways. May Psalm 119 be the anthem of our hearts and humble repentance a daily task. Let us build up TRUST in Him who sinless took His life for our own. Let us no longer be whores to the world but the Bride, spotless and pure for the Bridegroom.

Love you all!