Monday, February 21, 2011

In the Depths...

Reckless abandon. That my friends is my definition of what true worship is. Let's define these two words according to

reckless: utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution

abandon: to forsake completely; desert; leave behind

These two words apart from each other seem nothing of a positive light, but let's look at them from a life of worship standpoint. When you are in a state of reckless abandon, you are without any caution deserting the current way of life and losing yourself. Now of course this can seem irrational but living your life this way is something of purpose.

The defintion of worship is this: to be devoted to and full of admiration for. This definition renders a new light to my revelation of worship. When you are in reckless abandon to God, you are completely undone in His Presence at all times and are allowing Him to work in and through your life.

My one goal in life is to completely embody what worship is. Yes, I will be working my entire life learning, growing, and becoming deeper in His wonder because it is a journey. I do not think when we say worship we truly understand what that means. The church we know today has made worship "a service." I wonder if we could all stop for a moment and look in the Word of God to see what true worship is. The definition I expressed above is something heavy for us to look at. The world's dictionary has defined worship as "to be devoted and full admiration for" in our case God. Wow. That makes you think doesn't it. There is a lot more to worship then going to a service one or twice a week, disintereseted you read Your Word without seeking revelation, praying just because its your "duty" to God, and serving others because that's what it takes to be accepted by God.

Ha. I laugh at the thought of this religion, this "duty" to God. It is not a "duty," its a relationship. I know many of you reading this already know what I am saying because we walk in the knowledge that we are to be in relationship. Okay, so if we comprehend with our minds that its a relationship, does that mean that its a relationship? The answer to that question is no. There is a heart change. We cannot expect do know (in the depths of our spirits and hearts) what a relationship with God is if we do not recklessly abandon ourselves to Him. Is this all making sense now? I hope so.

I am beginning to see a shift from knowledge and understanding of mind to a change and deep understanding in heart in this generation. We are beginning to grasp what a real and true relationship is. I know there are many in the generations before that have grasped it but this is bigger than ever before. For all of this to begin taking life, we must position ourselves fully to God where we are unable to be out of His Presence. When worship becomes the entirety of life, change will begin to occur because as we are being filled. We will also obediently and boldly pour out.

Out of this deep, fully, surrendered relationship the bride of Christ will be vessels of revival. Revival is defined as an instance of returning to life or consciousness; restoration of vigour or vitality. This excites my soul. We talk about "revival" all the time but the essence of it is awakening the spirit within us for pursuit. Only once we've been awakened to our new lives and self, then and only then will we will be able to have a deep relationship with God where worship is just a way of life....from that brings obedience and revival! GET IT! GOT IT! GOOD!

Let us all start to seek the Lord in the quiet place. In Psalm 46: 10 God calls us to, "Be still and acknowledge (experience) that I am God." Therefore, a relationship with God is not always loud, charismatic worship but the solitude of resting and waiting in His holiness. Waiting is a word that not many people like to hear when it comes to their relationship with God because they want instantaneous results.....if they would only wait He would begin to pour out the heaviness of His glory.....revealing to them that His plans are better than theirs and His love is deeper than anything imaginable.

Now that I have said all this. Position yourself in reckless abandon during worship. During worship means at all times and in all things. Be still (waiting patiently) and know (in the depths) that He is God. Be filled and pour out obediently...


I love you all and I hope that this sets in your spirits well. Allow the Lord to take hold your life (past, present, and future), allow Him to make you whole and release freedom in your life. I pray that the Lord begins to reveal to you who He is and who you are as you intimately walk with Him. Before I leave you, I want to talk to you about intimacy. One definiton of intimacy is inmost; deep within. With that in mind and heart, when you are in relationship with God, it requires intimacy.

Intimacy + Identity= Relationship with God + Obedience= Revival, Restoration, Freedom.

Peace. Hope. Love. Joy. Freedom.