Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Divine!

Love. Something that I find intriguing. Tonight at Sunday PM Pastor Michael Alfred was talking about "agape" love. He said that means that you have made a deliberate decision to love that've made up your mind. He then said that in 1 John it talks about only Christians know true agape love or can show it. We are called as Christians to show love to others so that we can bring out the best in them. A lot of times I think that we live life trying to please everyone never pushing forward telling the God honest truth. Why? Why please people are lost within the world when we are to help bring them to the light.

I sit and wonder how people can live their lives in a friendship, relationship, marriage unhappy and uncommitted. People like to find the easy way out of everything or they want to fight to make it work but aren't using God's full help. We should fall in love deliberately not by feeling or passion. Of course those things should be in all relationships but commitment and true love is the most important. How amazing would the world even just the United States if we all learned to love that way. That means every Christian showing agape love to everyone they came in contact with. That means no harsh words, patience, truth, honesty, compassion, kindness, forgiveness,etc. How cool would that be?! I think that once we build our relationship with Christ to a point where we are confident and sure that He will never leave us then we can find that peace and love within us. God calls us to AGAPE Him with everything we have and AGAPE our neighbors as let's do it. Once we have accomplished that then we can all TRULY live.

Back to thinking He will leave us. I know that deep within ourselves once we begin a relationship with God we know He is there. I just think that sometimes especially when we are new at the whole relationship with God that we sometimes can doubt that He is there for us always. His Word might say that He will never leave nor forsake us but sometimes I feel that we forget that. We try to put everything on our own shoulders and try to overanalyze and fix everything ourselves. That was me all the time...I would sit and think and think about something trying to fix it myself. I now have changed. I mean I do it sometimes of course because we are imperfect creatures but every single day now I give to God my day and thank Him for life. I have realized that God really can DO THE IMPOSSIBLE! He can fix any problem whether its the solution you were looking for or not and he can give you "peace that passes all understanding." WOW! Let God do that in your life it truly brings a fresh breath and joy to your life.

Tonight we sang one of my favorite songs ever He Loves Us. OH MY! The chorus says, "He loves us oh how he loves us." How true it is that God LOVES us. Not only by agape but by phileo, "feeling" love. That excites me and sets my feet to dancing and my heart to singing. Think about it we have someone who we may not be able to see but can "feel" in a sense and can believe in with everything. So let us live life with joy and let God work and LOVE US AND WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!

God Bless and Much Love.

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