Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting Lost...Finding Home.

Tonight I left to head to Spring Hill for worship practice for SlowBurn. Little did I know I was about to get way lost! I ended far from my destination. Then as I decided to turn around I found a new road and decided to take a chance....and then another. I then I found my way to a familiar place where I knew where I was. I then noticed I was 9 miles from the exit I started! I then preceded to get off the exit and take the opposite turn....then finding a familiar intersection that led to four different places. Where I had come from....the road straight ahead, to the left and the right. I knew where all of them led me and I chose the straight one but quickly I changed my direction because I realized that the original left option was the most familiar of the four. I took that it and led to a place of memories and familiarity. awesome is that? I mean at the time it was horrible because I was lost but I knew God would get me back to somewhere comfortable and familiar. After an hour of being lost and being in the middle of nowhere I called my best friend Lindsey Pfeifer. She helped me realize that I needed to turn around and go back to where I came from.

All of that being said I realized that this seems to have been my path lately. Like I spoke about the other day about being disoriented...I think this was God telling me to find that comfortable and familiar path that leads to Him and the plans He has for me. There are a lot of twists and turns, struggles, panic, and feelings of being unsure ahead but trust in Him and everything will be okay. I am to lean on those he has placed in my life like Lindsey without getting offended.

Wow! What an eye opening experience a two hour being lost experience will get you. I realized tonight that when God told me to fight...he meant with Him not on my own like I have been the last couple of weeks. Yes, I have been seeking Him and turning to His Word for help but I have been putting too much weight and pressure on myself to fix it. I can't fix it or change anything but lay down what I have at God's feet and forward. Seek Him harder than I have in a long time! Sounds like a plan now I just have to do.

I know that within me is the will to get through everything in my life yet part of me doubts and that is where I know I am being attacked...DOUBT....a HUGE WEAPON of the ENEMY!! I pray against the doubt that is attacking and I pray for security and true knowing that God is with me. I pray that I will feel His persence move in a mighty way in the next couple of weeks...and months...and come! I know my God is the Creator of Heaven and of Earth. I know he is my Father and my Lover. I know he will Never Leave Me Nor Forsake Me! I pray that I will have faith and believe what I know with EVERYTHING I HAVE!!!! God I pray for Faith, Love, Patience, Compassion, The Knowing of Deserving something better than I have.

If you feel faith....and find someone you can talk to!

God Bless and Much Love.

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nickoblogaglory said...

i got sooo lost this evening megan on my way home from a night with some friends.. i was on my motorbike i got about and hour lost! it was maaad!! it was dark and in all the back country roads.. no fun! all i could do was think about this blog! woop woop which was a comforting thing! then when i met back up where i was meeting my friends this is all i could think about!! hahaahaa

missss you! much love!!