Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hearing from my Abba Father.

Tonight was one of those nights where God filled SlowBurn with great intensity. The past couple of days have been attack after attack for me. I was waiting on Kallie to get ready today and I took a walk in my neighborhood. I was walking barefoot which is the most important part of the time I spent with God today before SlowBurn. God spoke to me saying that the rocks I step on when I talk on the concrete are like the little problems/issues you have that hurt you for a split second and sometimes the pain lasts. That is what my issues were/are like. I have to be willing to get over the hurting...walk over the bridge of rocks to the land of smooth sand.

Back to SlowBurn....tonight God really spoke to me in several ways. First he told me, "You have been stepping on these small stones. The stones that hurt for ust a second can leave a mark. Your hurt is deep and you have it to me but every now and then you pick it up again. STOP! I will let you know when the time is right. Satan's attack is strong but I am more powerful than any of his attacks. They are meager to what I can do. I can deliver you, use, and bring you a peace that you cannot even comprehend. Drip me! You will find what I have for you. Do not hold onto the things that hinder you from seeking my name and fulfilling your purpose." Second, he helped heal a relationship between a friend and me. Now we can be friends and build a relationship which God will find more than acceptable!

So basically God is speaking and working in my life like crazy. Satan doesnt like it and he is attacking but I know that God will pull me through.

God Bless. I pray you will LEAN IN and GIVE GOD EVERYTHING!!!

Much love.

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